Instagram Story – Now there is Snapchat with Instagram

After the Snapchat founder declined the offer from Mr. Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, the Instagram version of Snapchat has now emerged. The Facebook founder took up the Snapchat idea and had it integrated into his subsidiary Instagram and simply called the new feature Story. How is that accepted? Let’s try it out.

Wagner vs. Verdi at the Max-Joseph-Platz in Munich, Germany

(after hitting “>”, please switch to 1080p, check gear-wheel below picture) This Film shows impressions of a special open air evening event, where the audience was invited to watch the contest between Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner in a musical parade and to join one of the two. The musical competition, it is decided who… Continue reading Wagner vs. Verdi at the Max-Joseph-Platz in Munich, Germany

Digital Bolex D16

The Digital Bolex D16 Review from Philip Bloom Reviews & Tutorials on Vimeo. These reviews are done all in my own time and are self-financed. To make it possible to continue to do more reviews any donations no matter how small to the Vimeo TipJar feature here or using any of my website affiliated helps… Continue reading Digital Bolex D16

Stunt School

“Stunt School” A Behind the Scenes video for Forensic Files from Michael Jordan on Vimeo. Produced by Michael Jordan – This is a behind the scenes video that was produced for the Forensic Files website. This video explains how the stunt driving scenes for Forensic Files were shot and how the stunt drivers train. To… Continue reading Stunt School

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Behind the scenes of Robocop (2014)

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