Wagner vs. Verdi at the Max-Joseph-Platz in Munich, Germany

(after hitting “>”, please switch to 1080p, check gear-wheel below picture)

This Film shows impressions of a special open air evening event, where the audience was invited to watch the contest between Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner in a musical parade and to join one of the two.

The musical competition, it is decided who is the better of the two composers.
With four major bands, brass band music, all sorts of percussion, giant puppets and performers spectacle.

Designed and invented by La Fura dels Baus from Catalonia, with novel and unusual music composed by Moritz Eggert from Munich, performed at the Max-Joseph-Platz on June, 28th 2013.

Each of the people had been invited to witness this spectacle from half past eight in the evening and to appear on the square in Munich.

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