Let your event be filmed professionally.

Whether you want multiple cameras or one is sufficient whether live to the internet or cut afterwards, with high or low budgets. Here you are right, if you want to capture your event in motion pictures.

For an instance, a typical event shoot would be:

At an industry event, you need videographers to film a Q&A Session

  • 2 speakers will be on an elevated stage at a local restaurant in a private room
  • Lapel mics will be attached to each person. 1 speaker will be using an in-house projector screen, content will need to be filmed
  • You’ve got the camera equipment and provide it for this shoot

Additionally, we need to know, where and when it takes place, if you are going to organize travel and overnight stay, if event is outisde Munich?

I work only with selected clients on projects that stimulate me and of which I think that they can be truly successful. If you want to talk to me in order to work on your project together, there are a few things I need to know first of all.

First, we need to be interconnected on LinkedIn. If we are not connected on LinkedIn, ask one of our joint connections to get an idea.

If we are connected on LinkedIn, then please tell me here a little bit about your project and if we fit well together and I truly believe that I can help you, I rise to discuss the next steps.

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