Corporate video production

We love to make movies

It is something very satisfying to be part of a team to bring a vision to life.

I give everything I have in film projects and they need a lot of energy and expertise to make it right, so I only work with selected clients on projects that amaze me and I think they can be really successful.

If you want to talk to me about your film production, there are a few things I need to know first.

First, we need to be linked to LinkedIn. If we are not connected to LinkedIn , ask one of our common connections for an idea.

If we are connected to LinkedIn, let me know a bit about your project, and if we fit together well and I really believe I can help you, I’ll get in touch to discuss the next steps.

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There is much to think about a company movie. We follow a proven and established process. This process of company film production helps us to finish the film as fast as possible. It is recommended both for the production of company films such as image films, product films or trade fair films, as well as online marketing videos.

1. Concept

In the conceptual phase, the theoretical “scaffolding” is created for your film. The concept is defined in our discussion. So you should already know what you want to show and what to say. In a classic industrial film, actors are often not needed because your employees are best suited to the scene, but if they are to say something in front of the camera, it can be good to test them beforehand, otherwise the rotation will be delayed from point 3 on. The company itself offers the location. Shooting days are estimated now. We will tell you what it will cost. Please fill in the form below.

2. Pre-Production

After you have accepted the quotation by payment, the preparation of the film production starts. A screenplay and rotation plan is then produced. The shooting days are fixed. Where exactly in your Company are we going to shoot? As of now, you must have clarified in-house, who takes the roles and plays along. Who exactly plays in front of the camera?

3. Production

The actual shooting takes place in this phase. On the pre-determined days we come and shoot the scenes according to our schedule. You must now provide the relevant employees and filming locations at the latest.

4. Post-Production

Depending on your requirements defined in the conceptual phase, the film will be created from the individual images and sound recordings. The text is added and the contributors are named.

5. Delivery

After the completion of the film follows the export of the film and the desired distribution of the film. This includes programming for interactive use, data conversion for use on the Internet or on servers, or copying to different data carrier systems for archiving. In the ideal case, you have already informed us in the concept phase how the utilization will look, in order to give you the best final product as quickly as possible.

I am looking forward to hearing more about your project: