Website-Starter – Webdesign for freelancers, self-employed, small and medium-sized enterprises

You have to set up before an emerging company or have already established and now need a fast website where you are more interested in the fact that the information on your website is quick and reliable, the appearance fits as specified and the marketing takes you first Even later. Do you want to integrate a more elaborate appearance and other functions and online marketing? Then I have a suitable offer that you can also expand later.

The Internet is developing fast – today there are cost-effective solutions for many uses. Your small business will find a competent partner here that can help you become a big business. For this, I offer this basic version of a website on which you can build.

You can give it a go with 497,00 €. Included:

  • Consultation
  • Installation of Website system
  • Configuration
  • Cost for premium theme (← here you can choose your theme for your website)
  • Install theme
  • Configuration of Theme
  • Remove Theme Credit links
  • Insert your logo
  • Color adjustments
  • Sample content can be uploaded to your website (as shown in the theme demos)


[accordion_content title=”What kind of Websites are possible?”]

This basic package is the ideal starting point for private websites, business websites (service providers, retail, gastronomy, apps …), magazines, blogs, portfolios (agencies, photographers …), multimedia websites (video and photo portals, city guides and directories, websites for musicians and bands…), support and ticket platforms, wikis, directories (advertising market, real estate), etc.


[accordion_content title=”I would like an individual design. Is that possible?”]

There are different ways to customize your website and we can personalize your website. This offer is limited to customize the theme so that your site is working. An individual design of your website involves a much higher level of consulting and design effort, so this offer is more suitable for companies that are looking for a cheap solution. You will agree with me that a website for less than 500 € can not have the same scope of consulting and services as one for 10,000 € or more. Talk to us specifically for an individual design, if no existing theme appears appropriate for you.


[accordion_content title=”Do I rent the site or do I own it?”]

The creation price from 497,00 € is only payable once. After the creation of the website, it belongs to you of course.


[accordion_content title=”Why a website by MPC?”]

The websites of MPC are in no way to be compared with websites that have been created with home-kiosks advertised on TV and Internet. The websites of MPC are based on professional content management systems. Although they are similarly easy to use online, you can optionally offer a fireworks of functions that bring you the added value. You have all the possibilities open – you have a good base on which you can build and add new functions over time. MPC can help you later further on.


[accordion_content title=”What is a Theme?”]

Content management systems provide a basic framework and technology. For special functions and the optical output, ie layout and design, themes are responsible. Without a theme there is no website. Special themes with advanced features and a high-quality design are called premium themes. A premium theme is included with this offer. Which one it is, choose the one yourself.


[accordion_content title=”What are the minimum requirements?”]

At least PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0.15. That should be with every good hoster already in small packages minimum standard.


[accordion_content title=”Do you recommend a host?”]

In Germany I can recommend you webgo. In USA SiteGround.
You benefit from good accessibility and high speed of your website. The support is friendly, fast and accessible at all times. Compared to other providers you have a better price / performance ratio. The servers of the award-winning company webgo, which is selected for the best hosters, run 100% through green electricity!


[accordion_content title=”How fast is my website online?”]

Usually it takes no more than 28 days after payment. Provided you have provided all the necessary documents and content to be integrated.


[accordion_content title=”Can I have more than one basic version of my website?”]

This usually requires a more detailed consultation, so I would ask you to arrange an online consultation with me, where I will then answer your questions and get to know your needs better. I will then send you a written quotation, if you want more that extends this basic package.


[accordion_content title=”What if I do not like the website?”]

Since you choose the theme yourself before, you already know before the purchase what the website will look like. Now, it just depends on what content you fill your website with. So what content you provide us, which we then integrate into the site. MPC can help you. You then simply book our content marketing.


[accordion_content title=”Can someone update my site for me?”]

For this, we offer our clients the appropriate website maintenance plan.




  • Full design customization to your corporate identity
  • Take over the contents of your old website
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Integration of videos
  • Podcasts
  • Introduction by TeamViewer or Skype
  • Support by email or phone
  • Installation on a subdomain / subdirectory (with relocation when the website is finished)
  • Installation of plugins
  • and much more

Additional services are charged at the expense.



Would you like to get started?

If you want to accept the offer, please fill out the form as completely as possible. We assume that you have already selected a theme (not bought). You will then receive an acknowledgment of receipt. As soon as your website project is going to be started by us, we will contact you. Processing starts no later than one week after receipt.

All prices excluding tax.