How we work on websites


We start off with a 45-minutes session and discuss your needs in terms of your website’s design, organization and functionality. We collect your questions you might have and answer them accordingly.


After our meeting, we provide you with a detailed written proposal that is valid for 30 days. This is personalized for your Site.


After you signed the contract and leave the deposit amount agreed upon, we collect the materials necessary for the project. This is your logo, text(s) and imgaes. We don’t copyedit your text(s). make sure that the text you give us has been corrected, finalized and approved. If you require copyediting services, our regular hourly rate applies, in addition to any project-based fees.


We finalize the organisation of the site, taking into account basic usability factors. We choose a colour palette and a theme. We organize a basic page layout. Communication is important. We have an online project management tool that lets you follow along as we complete your project, from this stage on.

Visual Interface

We create one unique design for your site and submit this mock-up to you so that you can better imagine the usability of the website.
We provide this concept and two revisions. Each additional concept or revision will be at additional cost.

Installation and Integration

If you are using a content management system, a shopping cart, or other server-side software, we install it and configure it at this point.
We use standards-based (X)HTML and CSS to turn the mock-up you approve into a fully functioning site design, that works with any server-side software we’ve installed.
We use Javascript and Ajax to make your site interactive, functional and appealing.

Content and Testing

Next we load the text and images you’ve provided. We also test the site to ensure it works as planned.

Introduction and SEO

Once everything looks and works as it should, we go live. We also submit your site and sitemap to various search engines.

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