Website-Care Subscription Professional


This plan is perfect if you want to add features or the functionality of your site on a regular basis.

It includes all benefits from Small Business Plan:

  • 3 scheduled content management sessions to assist you with basic content management on your site
  • Answering up to 5 e-mail inquiries per month through our Helpdesk
  • Website software always up to date
  • All plugins always up to date
  • Daily backups of your database stored on secure servers from our third-party vendors (typically Dropbox or Amazon)
  • Weekly backups of your entire site stored on secure servers from our third-party vendors (typically Dropbox or Amazon)
  • Security monitoring to identify and fix vulnerabilities

Additionally you get:

  • 1 development session per month to assist you with new page templates or functionality
  • Answering 2 more e-mail requests per month (7 total) via our helpdesk

All sessions are conducted via telephone and / or Skype.

Additional features and features for the planned development sessions, must be discussed and agreed before they are approved. These meetings usually cover things like adding a testimonial section or an employee profile section to your site, they do not cover advanced features such as a complete online store or membership section. This can, of course, be integrated and is agreed individually according to your requirements.

This plan is offered on a subscription basis and must be paid in advance. The services are then available from the date of purchase for 30 days. There is no adhesion contract for any of these plans and you are free to cancel at any time. A refund will not be given. Unused services can not be transferred to the follow-up. However, there are solutions for both sides to be satisfied. Contact us early on.

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